Cut, Chop, Slice, Blend

Every time I see Shun knives on Woot I get excited, but deep down I always know that every sale will include a useless ‘utility knife’ with the one(s) that are worth having. No buy.

Yeah, I’m with you there. Woot might want to bear in mind that unless people are buying a wedding gift or something, knives of that kind of value are usually purchased as separates, because generally speaking, the people who buy at this level know what they want.

In turn, they know what they don’t want. What they don’t want is to ruin a good purchase price with a tacked on utility knife or some obscure in-betweener that jacks the price up that we know, while it’s maybe a great knife, we aren’t in the market for. It’s an immediate no.

So, ironically, even though it’s outperformed by the Shun’s, the best knife/deal here is likely that Rosle chef’s knife.
70 percent off retail (though really you can buy them for 40-50 anyway), and a pretty good intro knife you won’t mind experimenting on. Sharpening/honing practise and so forth.

Does anyone have any thoughts on the Breville blender? I’m in the market for a good blender, but I’m not clear what makes this worth $150 factory reconditioned. Is it much better than a Ninja? How does it compare to say a Vitamix? In general, what blender would you recommend?


Well we just bought a Vitamix, for $150 1000watt motor, if this had popped up before we had our Vitamix we’d have this. It was on my short list of blenders. I’d go for it personally.

I bought one of the handheld mandolins last time they were up specifically for a zucchini lasagna I make, and it’s worked great. It’s much easier slicing the zucchini into long planks of even thickness with this than a knife.

I’ve also used it for slicing mushrooms. I’m not sure how well it would work with harder veggies, like potatoes or onions though.

Vitamix for $150?! where in the heck did you score that?

I am new to WOOT and I have a question: Is it normal for WOOT to have ONLY ONE of an item for Sale (Guy Fieri Knuckle Sandwich – Santoku Knife)? Or just three of an item (Shun MHS0400 4-Piece Steak Knife Set) which is the one I wanted. I understand the concept limited supply, but only one item sound more like a tease then a deal. I guess if you snooze you loose!

ONLY ONE! Save that for a damaged during shipment replacement!

Welcome to Woot!

To learn a bit more about Woot is here a link to the Woot FAQ: “What is Woot?”

Purchase limits vary from 1 to 3 per item per Member depending on each individual offering.

The reason for this is to allow the deal/discount to other Members.

Thanks for your inquiry!

My question was why there was only one item available for purchase period! That’s one for the whole country. Is that normal?

Yes, if the limit is ONLY 1, then it’s either a limited/low qty or special deal.

I think the point was… they bought one of something, it was immediately sold out. If you were to go to the details page of the item (for example, the top of this page for an item that’s sold out) it shows something like “first sucker: you” and “last wooter: you”. Thus there was only one item available to sell (assuming you bought one).

The concern seems to be if that item arrives damaged, what would woot do?

We’d refund you.

Sorry, our Vitamix was $400, there’s a comma in there. For $150 this blender is a really decent deal.

bo cutting board: 58 cent discount over Amazon prime. no deal.

collapsible mandolin: $1.28 cent discount over amazon prime. no deal. plus on prime you can return it, even if you do have to pay shipping. woot there is no return.

Those bamboo cutting boards are junk. Already split two of them up the middle from normal use and I have never put them in our dishwasher (always handwash and immediate dry).

I went to Rosle site and this isn’t even listed. Are these knives junk?