Cut Here

I think this t-shirt is in very poor taste. Depicting a beheading of a Christian knight is absolutely abhorrent. You should be ashamed of having this on your website. Please remove this Immediately.

Huh? It’s a Monty Python reference.

Doesn’t matter, unless you are a Monty Python fan, and understand the reference, it is offensive,BTW and there aren’t that many of you… Would you wear this t-shirt?

Can’t something offensive be found in a lot of t-shirts?

And I wouldn’t buy this, but only because I don’t wear grey.

Just a few weeks ago, there were Wooters ticked off about a kid-styled hand print turkey design that printed here!

(From time to time, Woot gives quality posts to “Today’s Offended Party”.)

Seeing how “Run Away, Run Away” sold over 13k copies here, there are a good number of MPatHG fans here.