Cut in Line

The sharpest shoppers on woot should gather here to review and assess this assortment!

Shun Pro Deba knife was $74.99 on Overstock.Com. I plugged the model number from Woot into Google and came up with this:

And the other pro knife was also cheaper on Overstock:

So these average price are about 100 /each.
It’s high , for Woot standard.

The yanagiba is out of stock there.

It’s a good price for the knife. If I made sashimi more often I’d be tempted. I guess I’m tempted now, but I wouldn’t use it enough to make it worth buying.

Wow! I bought 2 of the Shun knives a couple of months ago and I love the. I have only the best knives in my kitchen and these Shun are better than any.

Prices of these Shun sets offered here are about $5-$10 lower than of the last time I saw them on Woot. I was in Japan last month, Damacus-steel cutlery over there is pricier than those “made-in-Japan” cutlery you see here.

Yeah, so so prices. I bought a three piece with the Deba and 2 Yanagiba for only $130. And that was over 2 years ago. Not sure why they still have some of the Debas left over.

I bought the Shun DMS286 2 piece knife set last month. The Shun DM0722 Classic 6-Inch Serrated Utility Knife that was suppose to be included was actually the Shun DM0701 Classic 6 Inch Utility Knife (not serrated). I’m under the impression this is frequent mixup for Woot/Shun. I almost returned it but decided against it. The DM0701 is a great knife and has amazing reviews on Amazon. YMMV but something to keep in mind.

Just got the sunflower cutting board.It looks nice enough to use as a serving tray.The shape is pretty attractive and the groove will be handy when carving beast or wet plant material.

The longest yanagiba in that set is two-and-a-half inches shorter than this one. The idea is to make smooth single strokes to slice the fish, and it would have to be a very skinny fish for that six-incher to do it.

Maybe, but my point was more that the Deba is 115 right now and for 130 I got the same knife and 2 yanagiba. Never had an occasion where the 8.5 inch wasnt enough

Bamboo cutting board fell apart perhaps my worst woot purchase.