Cut It Out!

Excellent knives! This is my favorite brand of “daily” knives and I’ve got a dozen or more of other brands to choose from.

Buying another!

I’d be all over the kiss drop point with a plain edge if it were here…

Dear Woot,

Please feel free to put up Kershaw’s Camp 10 and Skyline again, as well as all the variations of the Funxion.

AUS 4 Stainless Steel blade?


AUS 4 has a low Carbon content and doesn’t hold an edge very well.

If you like spending more time sharpening your knives than actually using them, then go for a soft metal like AUS 4

I bought a previous knife (Delegate) with the same “safety” mechanism, and found it provided the ultimate in safety. The blade could not be deployed.

Turns out that it was poorly built, and the push button couldn’t move enough to release the safety.

I took it apart and disabled the safety, and it’s been a good knife since then. There were a lot of complaints about this problem on the Delegate knife, but maybe they’ve fixed it by now. Just something to be aware of.