Cut It Out!

I have the Ginsu magnetic strip set in block form from a woot a few months ago. I love it and the knives are super sharp (ask my poor fingers!) and great for cutting almost anything.

I’m wondering about the knife sharpener, and which brand of knives that are for sale would work best with it.

I know we have some folks who should check in and give everyone knife sharpening tips. I hope they see this woot plus!

Do the Kyocera’s require a data plan?

I don’t think the brand matters as much as the style. This type of sharpener is made for straight blades (as nearly all are). The best sharpener I have owned, and still do, is mad by SpyderCo and is done by hand. I like that I can effectively see what I am doing and avoid any damage that may be done to the blade using an electric model like this one.

Since this model doesn’t specify that it can be used for ceramic blades I wouldn’t rick it without doing more research. I would guess it would get it sharp but they may be more brittle and prone to break with a sharpener like this one.

I dunno about the other sets, but the Ginsu 15 piece set was on sale sometime last week so if any of the people who bought it are here maybe they could say something about what they’re like?

I bought the Cat Cora 8" chef’s knife and the Santoku last time they were offered. The santoku is for a gift so I haven’t used it, but I have used the chef’s knife extensively.

I have a number of knives in this length, including a Sabatier, and I find myself reaching for the Cat Cora every time. I’m a fan and highly recommend these.

I just got my Ginsu 15 piece set in today and I am happy with it. The knives have a nice weight and feel to them. And it’s the same price here as in the original deal so that’s lucky. My only complaint is that I’m not sure how to arrange them in the holder (which knife goes where), and the actual holder included doesn’t exactly match the picture so I can’t go off that. But I just put them in random spots and I’ll get used to it.

I want a clever cleaver!

If you have nice knives, and wish to keep them that way, hand sharpening is the way to go.

woot- it’s loneliness not lonliness.

or in kim jong il’s case it was roneriness.

just got them yesterday. they are very solid knives and don’t feel cheap. could of used another non serrated knife besides the santoku, but for 30 bucks can’t complain

There’s no way you can get the best out of a knife with one of those “V” shaped sharpeners. They’re a good idea, but they just don’t work in practice. If you want a really nice, sharp, straight edge, the only way to go is a flat sharpening stone or wet-dry sandpaper attached to a piece of glass.
But if you don’t want to go through the trouble of teaching yourself how to sharpen a knife the old fashioned way, there are some “V” sharpeners that are great - but I wouldn’t get a powered one.

Come on Woot, your parent company has the 8" Cat Cora Chef Knife for $3 cheaper.

I don’t know how you wash your kitchen gear including knives, but you should never use steel wool. First, it is very likely to scratch the skin and blemish the finish. Second, for knives housed on a magnetic strips,steel wool fibers might stick to the magnetized blades. These tiny magnetized steel fiber fragments could end up in your meals if the knives are not thoroughly washed and wiped down with a clean towel. Just a heads up on knives stored on magnetic strips so you use it safely; not a ‘Chicken Little’.

The Smith sharpener is a solid everyday electric with nice options. Knife blades vary in the composition of the steel that makes up the blade and cutting edge. Blades which are layered [Damascus] with different steels have cutting edges displaying those different steels. Each knife has its own preference as far as sharpening. To have a collection of ‘ever sharp’ blades gather a gaggle of sharpeners and experiment until you find the right one or right sequence of stones for each of your knives. This Smith machine is great if you are sharpening a steak knife set for company and each knife is made of the same steel. Have fun finding out what stones, including the Smith, are best for your favorites. Remember, no dishwashers for any knife even those that are suppose to be safe with that. Washers that run too hot will over time weaken the temper of the knife. The cutting edge suffers first.