Cute But Evil

Awesome. So pink. So proud.

Excuse me, I have to go be somewhere else right now. (Runs quickly away.)

How come it’s not available in American apparel style?

Why are there so few adult tee size options, specifically women’s tee?

It’s a ‘gothicorn.’

WOAH! I have this on a wallet from tiny meat!

This would’ve been an instabuy if women’s American Apparel were an option. Another missed opportunity to take my money, Woot.

what is the deal with the tshirt sizing availability?

Dangit. My 12 year old daughter really likes this one… and I’d buy it; but I live in the South and that pentagram would definitely freak some bible thumpers out. It might get my kid sent home from school…

Isn’t the pentagram upside down?

How is this evil… just because it has a pentagram? Is our society still that naive to think that a pentagram, and what it truly represents, is evil (apparently so)? It’s not like it’s an inverted pentragram.

this question was answered in the world of woot section, they are having some supply chain issues, black is a really common shirt color, and as a result its going to be one of the first to run out, they are working on getting more in… but no timeline that they have mentioned,

i DO wish they would ease off on doing black “shirts of the day” until they get in more stock, but you can’t win em all, im sure woot isnt exactly stoked about this situation either

Cute shirt, but Pentagrams are not evil. :confused:

Or at least have an option to make the purchase and have it on “backorder”. I’d be willing to wait if I could have it at the daily shirt price.

The email shows a hoodie but I can’t find an option for that. Where they just teasing about the tote & hoodie?

Sorry, that option was only available on the day we launched this design.

I’ll second that! I’m a patient guy. If I could back-order an AA shirt at the daily price, I’d be throwing a shirt in my cart right this minute. =)

Yea, that. ^

I’ve checked back a few times, just waiting for either brand to be available in a womens medium or for AA to be available in a womens small…still no luck