Cute City!

OMG! Way too much cuteness here! Must restrain myself from buying everything!

Thank you! The Error - Cuteness Overflow is what made me discover shirt.woot… albeit… two years after the shirt got reckoned… :slight_smile:

Must. Buy. Cooler. Than. You. Hoodie.

I have Moped Diaries already.

Looks like a koala-tee selection…

Opening Numbers:
Too Many Cooks 1538
Haunted Housework Remix unavailable
The Moped Diaries unavailable
Marsupial in My Pocket 7859
They See Me Rollin’ 5278
Knock, Knock 8780
In the Library with the Wrench unavailable
Pup in Training 2872
Error - Cuteness Overflow 4725
Fallout Zoo 1884
Acquired Taste zip-up hoodie: 144 (no closing number will be available)


I just wish that Pup in Training was also available in a pullover.

Grr! No Kawaii viruses on a short sleeved shirt but at least I can get my Cuteness OVerload finally. Super happy!

Though I wouldn’t have minded a little Fresh Cake, yanno!

Yay! Now I can wear a Settler Cats hoodie with the matching shirt and tote bag that I already own!

Mods: Viral Kawaii Pullover Hoodi could use an “e.” Unless the “e” is in quarantine? :slight_smile:

*[MOD: We try to let the ‘e’ out now and then but this one seems to have vamoosed. I’v rportd it.][/i ]

I have been waiting for in the library with a wrench since it was reckoned. getting both long and short sleeve.

I just want to huggle Cerberus…Of course I could just buy that shirt and then huggle myself. :slight_smile:

Haunted Housework Remix
*Since it’s a remix, it’s technically zero. This one has a different SKU so the totals won’t be combined with the original. The original sold 4790. *

The Moped Diaries 1883

In the Library with the Wrench 8102

These numbers may include some current sales.

Thank you so much, TT! With the new system, sales numbers are hidden until the first purchase, which is why I couldn’t pull them for ITLWAW and Moped Diaries; I know Haunted Housework is a remix (so closing numbers won’t be available for it), but I figured I’d post the baseline from the last time it was offered - but Narfcake only had the number from noon on the day it was Reckoned, not the final sales number.

Bleeeerrrg. I thought for sure Lament of the Kiwi would be included in the cuteness overload. Am I the only one in the world who remembers this shirt???

Again with the no lightweight zip-up hoodies? And I would have purchased just about any one of these on one of those. :frowning: Are the lightweight zip-up hoodie days gone? Should I begin shopping elsewhere for one of those?

I thought the Haunted House Remix was sold once before, if the “remix” means it is glow in the dark - I mean I have it in my drawer.

Pretty disappointed there is no Cupcakeosaur :frowning:

Yay! I always lamented missing Pup in Training and now I can get it in both short and long sleeve. It shall be mine.

No Acquired Taste on a t-shirt? My daughter lost hers and I’ve been trying to get a replacement. It was probably her favorite Woot! shirt.