Cutlery Garage Sale

I paid considerably more for the following two knives from Amazon last September. They are great knives and work well for slicing my fruits and veggies for my salads. They clean easily and the protective covers help to keep the knife edges sharp.

Chicago Cutlery 1106369 Vivid 8in/20.3cm Bread-Orange
Chicago Cutlery 1106370 Vivid 5in/12.7in Utility-Yello

Miyabi 34504-153 5000 S 5" Santuko

The positive: The blade is sharp and the knife is beautiful. The negative: I find the handle to be too small and dainty for the size of the blade. (I am male, 5’7" and wear medium or large gloves.) Because of the handle design, I don’t often use this knife.

Oh woot. Silly me assuming that a garage sale is going to have lower prices than your regular sales of pretty much the same stuff everyday. I guess not.

I bought the Kuhn Rikon Household Shears a few months ago, and while they are very sharp and fit my hand well, they cannot be used open to slice packaging. They come apart much too easily.

LOL I know, sometimes I just hope for that. Hope is blown out the window.

Also, the Chicago cutlery knives set, the scissors are the worst scissors Ive ever operated in my entire life. They cut NOTHING.

Just got my Zwilling J.A. Henckels Pure 5" Santoku Knife- 33608-143 knife. I did not know that a knife could be this sharp.

How many stitches?