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I assume 2pk means 2 pack?

Does 2PK mean 2 pack?

Why are some of these restricted to certain zip codes? I understand communist cities such as NYC that wants people to be defenseless but they are perfectly legal pretty much everywhere else in NY and the rest of the state.

This knife, the CRKT Liong Mah Design #5,** does not lock open or closed…** The “slip joint locking mechanism” description is misleading, if not a false and deceptive claim…

Any response on the 2pk meaning 2 pack? since from what i can tell the 2pk isn’t part of the model number for this blade?

Which of the 2 labeled 2pk are you asking about? Can you link?

It’s not deceptive if you understand what a slip joint locking mech is.

I bought this knife although I admit I don’t carry it… I just thought it looked nice so I added it to the collection.

Slip Joints are popular in locations/countries where one-handed opening and/or locking blades are not legal.

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It’s not deceptive if you understand what a slip joint locking mech is.

I understand what a slipjoint knife is and the wikipedia article states…“A slipjoint knife consists of a handle with one or more folding blades. These blades are held in position by a strong “backspring” which biases them towards the open or closed position.”
If you own this knife and you looked at it… there is no backspring… and there is no slipjoint locking mechanism.
This is simply a folding pocket knife… a very nice folder well worth the price… I was trying to advise buyers that this knife does not lock in any position…

This is the one we are referring to.

It’s straight from the CRKT product page..

Yes, they are all 2 packs. We’re gonna try to make it a bit more obvious.

FYI The Mt. Shasta 14K CRKT knife is discontinued and is selling for $65 on Amazon. It’s sold out everywhere else I’ve seen it listed. Well reviewed everywhere. Considered a good EDC knife for anyone but especially for women and people with small hands due to the size.