cy-fi Wireless Sport Speaker for iPod or Bluetooth

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cy-fi Wireless Sport Speaker for iPod or Bluetooth
$29.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New

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Rats, got these for $10 more last time. They’re fun, they work.

I’m out

Every time I see these, I think “Flight of the Navigator”.

thats all

I didn’t buy these before…and I’m not buying them now.

Nap time!

How secure are they in the dock? Will it fall out if I hit a pothole?

I’d be in for one or two if they could be used with a not ipod

Bought one for the pool area…hope it doesn’t suck

They will if your not ipod has bluetooth

These aren’t monkeys.

This time every Woot-off I sit licking my wounds after being defeated by the Bag of Crap once again and all I am interested in is knowing what the monkey is going to be. I’m hoping for a return to the keychain monkey. Been there, got the big monkeys. Need more keychain monkeys.

Mel Agrees,
You can never have too many Monkeys, or Beavers.

So would this work with an iPad?

Interesting looking speakers. They sort of look like a fly’s head with big compound eyes. That being said, these are actually a pretty good deal as they normally go for around $90+

Check it out:

make compartments for these speakers on your sweatervest and you will be the hippest person in the office!

When this over, I’ll be well stocked in HDMI cables of all sorts of lengths.

Just bought this last week when it was up. The sound is very good and they are small enough to carry around wherever. I haven’t used the mounts, but but the speaker itself is awesome.

Got the bluetooth version of this. It sounds reasonably good for a wireless speaker of this size. But you can’t take it more than a meter away from the transmitter before it begins to cut out once in a while.