Cyber Acoustics 2.1 Speaker System



Will it give me enough Boom when playing Doom? Will they arrive by Doomsday next week?


Nothing? There’s not one wooter that has something to say about this?


Well, OK. I have the similar CA-3402 speaker system bought on Woot 1 1/2 years ago. Mine has a 3 inch sub, this Woot is 4" and costs $5 more than mine was. I’m using the speakers on my TV and they work fine. I like the controls on the satellite speaker where I can reach them easily. Sound-wise, they’re a definite improvement for the TV but the bass gets mushy to my ears if I turn the sub up too much.


I’ve bought other CyberAcoustic speakers, and the main spec that jumps out at you is really noticeable when you turn them up past 1/3 volume: The 10% Total Harmonic Distortion. All of the CyberAcoustic speakers that I’ve bought sound TERRIBLE when turned up. If you need these for an office setting, or will only need them for low volume, they’ll be fine. But, do NOT plan on using these to listen to music at louder volume, as you’ll be disappointed.


I bought an inexpensive TV and the speakers are poor so I wonder if these will bang the sound quality up a notch or two?


I see to recall seeing these before and someone posted then suggesting a different pair of speakers instead of these…not that these were bad but that others were better


yeah, i wouldn’t bet on anything fancy, you get what you pay for it, sound wise…pay a lil’ more for around 99 bucks they are a lot better speakers 2.1 out there logitech or klipsch …hint;)


I couldn’t readily find comps on Amazon or eBay, but I did find the page at CyberAcoustic’s website. These are marketed to classrooms, so low-volume use, high durability, and maybe even a lesser emphasis on fidelity are the hallmarks of these speakers.


10% THD is awful. My stereo components and Polk speakers are 0.09% in non surround mode.


I was considering these speakers, but found what I believe to be their newer version on amazon.

  • Cost more ($35) but has over 1,800 reviews and majority are positive. Probably going for these.
    CA-3602 on amazon


I own a pair of these, and find they’re excellent bang for buck. Only downside is they don’t come with RCA input, so if you need it, pick up some cables with your order.


I’ve been reading reviews on the CA-3602’s and the reviews seem to be fairly positive, so I’m waiting to see if I can eventually get them for $25-30 with some sort of coupon/discount.


Wooters - help this non-audio fellow. Am I right that I could feed these with your average (laptop / iPad / iPhone) and get reasonable results - at least as far as the speaker quality would bring me?


Looks like 5 watts per channel, which is probably for gaming if the speakers are efficient, but not enough with inefficient speakers.

That’s 20 Total RMS watts (you can trust RMS because it is a standard and can’t be manipulated by marketing like the other watt measurements can) - 10 wats for the sub woofer, leaving 10 watts to be divided between the two speakers.

BTW, 10% THD isn’t very good.


I got these in a BOC. I am pretty happy with them, but they aren’t really much more than computer speakers. Don’t expect more and I think you will be ok with it.