Cyber Acoustics 2.1 Speaker System



For those who want to do some more research on this, here is the user’s manual.


10% Total Harmonic Distortion.

That’s Hendrix levels.


Been through two sets of these units after buying them from newegg back in the day.

If the amp doesnt die first… then the potentiometer for the controls will!

ERR… Div/0 = DNE


these are complete crap I don’t understand why you keep offering them. bought them in a previous woot deal and they went straight in the dumpster.

the speakers give an awful almost filtered sound that you’d expect from those speakers you just get in a pair and plug right in to the headphone jack.

the subwoofer is nothing substantial at all. I have a pair of creative speakers that cost $25 that absolutely crush these things. save your money. spend $5 more and get something of quality.

stop offering these things, they suck.


Very disappointed with the sound quality. Muted sound and hardly any base from the subwoofer.


Used to work at a retail store that sells this brand of speakers.
They’re kind of not good.


Cause we gots kajillions of them to hock on you gullible Obongo lover types.


I just want to thank all of those who have posted. I need speakers for my office PC. These do not sound like they are worth it.




Look at these, instead.


thanks, look good


The old saying that You get what you pay for, takes on a whole new meaning with this junk. Besides, I needed to practice my HTML use here.


This is the first time I’ve seen speakers with peek power. That’s a power most speakers simply don’t have.


Here they are on Amazon for $10 more - pretty good reviews there

[MOD: Different model number. We’re selling the CA-3488]


You are right on. I bought a set of these for my wife’s computer, the amp died after 2 years, and she barely used them. At best they sounded average, but I paid like $20 so I couldn’t complain about the sound.


Sorry Just noticed that: here’s the actual one but no reviews and more expensive:


Bought these for the kitchen for something to play iPod songs. Really not good.


If these have 40 watts peek power, you probably don’t want these in your bedroom or bathroom.

By the way, what’s the peak power?


For $15 more you can get the CA-3550 shipped free from Amazon. More power and bigger sub. I have a set of CA-3550 2.1 speakers connected to a projector to watch movies out doors. They sound great and the price is right.