Cyber Acoustics 2.1 Speaker System

**Item: **Cyber Acoustics 2.1 Speaker System
Price: $19.99
Shipping Options: $5 Standard OR $12 Two-Day OR $15 One-Day
Condition: New

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A couple of very good reviews (4.5 out of 5.0) over at amazon

Some additional info can be found over at

Total Peek Power: 40 watts, seriously, you promised not to peek.

One thing definitely I like is that the power supply is built into the subwoofer. Much better than those annoying wall-wart transformers clunking around.

But I must take issue with calling these speakers “flat panel.” All it means in this case is that the cabinets are really thin on top, and this may explain why the midrange is reportedly weak: insufficient cabinet volume. True flat panel speakers are flat all the way (and use different transducer technology.)

There are a lot of reviews to be found on youtube. While none of them by audiophiles, it seems people were happy with it. If you are looking for a pair of desktop speakers, looks like this is up your ally. Hard to go wrong at $20.

Bought 2 set of these a while back since I had a Squeezebox that did not have a stereo to hook up to. I’ll admit that they are a bit cheaply made, at least the left and right speakers are, the sub felt solid. One set had a dead left channel, which I hat to take apart to fix, and it is not a quality assembly, reminds me of a quick knock off build where wires were thrown together as quick as possible. They are nothing special, but if you have something like a pc or smaller HD tv that does not have a rich array of sound, this is a slight upgrade without going the $99+ soundbar route.

Audiophiles, stay away, those looking for just a slight and yet handsomely affordable fix (hopefully temporary) then by all means, go for it!

I am replacing mine with this :
Sylvania SHTIB1044 2.1-Channel Speaker System @ $25 each + $5 ship

Maybe someone can explain this to me, because I don’t get it. Why does it seem like 2.1 speakers (at least on Woot) never have headphone jacks anymore?!

For a while now, I’ve been looking for a good 2.1 channel speaker set to use after hours at the office. Thing is, a good chunk of my work day is not after hours, so I have to use headphones.

Lots of nice-looking sets have come up on the various Woot sites, but the lack of a headphone jack is always a deal-breaker for me. :frowning:

This is an overview of what you can expect with these from my work experience with an older model.

We used to get a similar model at work (same brand) with the office computers. You are essentially getting the cheap speakers you are paying for. Generally a step up from built in monitor or TV speakers and that’s about it.

At least this subwoofer doesn’t have any feet to fall off. These might just last you a little while.

Just wanted to say thanks for the link. In for two, one for me and one for my dad for a …late fathers day thing.

I bought these about a year ago or so for my daughter’s small TV for her College apartment. The TV had horrible sound quality and needed something to improve the volume and sound. I paid a lot more than the price here but these speakers did a great job for what I intended them for.
If you happen to own a HDTV that is old enough to include analog RCA audio outputs this is an inexpensive option to some really terrible sounding sound bars costing much more than this. I recommend these for this application.

Although I couldn’t actually see it in the pictures, the last line of the description states “•Headphone jack mutes the speaker system for private listening”.

From the pics on Amazon and the CyberAcoustic page it looks like there is a small headphone jack on the right hand side of the right speaker (the one with the controls).

The design looks a lot like these really bad insignia speakers I used to have. Hopefully the “Cyber Acoustics” version is better.

I am sitting here listening to Adele thru youtube through my comp while Playing WOW… I am No Audiophile, but no fool either, I bought 2 sets b4, My son blasted me thru the walls, Now I am paying him back… In for 3 more, for when I blow mine, and for my 2 vizio flat screens… IMO you can’t beat the price, and the sound isn’t that bad. Beats the sound bar on my comp any day…

One More thing, There is, indeed a Headset Jack on the right side of the Control Slim tower.

I bought a Cyber Acoustics speaker set a lot like this at BB on Black Friday about 7 years ago. I’m still using them today. Not a bad set if you can get a good price.

I got one set hesitantly for my teenage daughter. She runs these at the bon fires they have and the kids like them. You can’t beat the price so I’m getting two more. THD is too high but ipod input is very clear so the THD isn’t a concern. Buy them.

I had a set of these. Sound is about on par for the price- not great, not bad for $25 shipped. They lasted about 2 years under little use on wife’s home computer- then the one channel blew out on a satellite.