Cyber Acoustics 3-Piece Speaker Set

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Cyber Acoustics 3-Piece Speaker Set
$14.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New

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Sorry I don’t own a white van.

I own these and they are really good!! The Neighbors hate them…lol

No one has bothered to give a nod to the writers since I got up four hours ago…this write-up is effing funny…WAKE UP, WOOTERS!

Come on Ninja prep!

I got a set of these in a BOC several months ago and they make surprisingly good computer speakers. Decent base, good volume - I had no idea they only went for 15 bucks.

Do not want. Want something that will keep me cold, like a new AC.


These would go great with the 42 inch led tv with crappy speakers they had yesterday

BTW, woot writer: listening to a man talk endlessly about his gun collection is probably boring in Texas, but listening to a redhead talk about hers in Michigan…evidently a little bit hawt, hahahahaha…

Y’all need to liven this place up.

I have a set of these hooked to my desktop and they are Great, no complaints at all. Got them a couple of years ago for around $25.00



You, sir, are doing it right.

If your computer/phone/MP3 player starts doing funny stuff, it’s probably these. Mine developed the strangest short that made me think my computer was done (would freeze at the Windows 7 loading screen). Figured out it was the speakers when I tried to use my phone to listen to Slacker Radio while working on the computer. Great speakers until this happened, but they didn’t last more than a couple years.

Oh, finally! The noobs are restless…been tryin’ to stir them up, but no success…about to go…

I don’t see how a speaker short would affect win7 bootup, but, whatever.

Bought a set for the bathroom…