Cyber Acoustics 3 Piece Speaker System

Aaaaand we’re back!

Not what I expected to be up…

yay no more shirts.

…and we’re back!

Hmm, that’s not a Band of Criminals.

I hear the rustling of paper bags!

Are these any good, in terms of quality?

Should be CA … as in Crapp-y acoustics.

That’s the quickest hour I’ve seen for these woot-off shirts.

Why does one of the speakers look so beat up? Is the ratty jeans trend starting to work its way into electronics now?


Hook these bad boys on a hanger and you have the best headphones ever

Lunch is over back to wooting off!

Cyber Acoustics speakers are comically low quality. They’re what many retail institutions put out on floor models of computers or corporations give to their employees if they absolutely must have speakers at their workstations.

Anybody know what these would be like as external speakers for a LCD TV with crappy sound? Just for a bedroom - nothing THX or anything.

I have no idea what I’m doing when it comes to speakers. I just know I don’t think its worth investing in a home theater system for this room.

Looks like this killed


Why are the flashing lights not flashing?

I mean, why are the lights not flashing?

I mean, why are the lights on the screen not on?

I mean, why are they not flashing?


(Seriously) will this work with my sansa or just with ipods?

Methinks you are looking at the controls on the side of the speaker.