Cyber Acoustics 5.1 Speaker System

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New Cyber Acoustics 5.1 Speaker System, for $69.99 + $5 shipping
Product: 1x Cyber Acoustics A-5640 5.1 Speaker System

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This is the worst brand of speakers i have ever used…

This set is highly rated on every site I looked, and goes for $100+

yeah decent reviews where i looked…

$89.99 on newegg though

Well, I have a Logitech X-530 5.1 That I got at Walmart a few years ago for $65. My speakers have been all sorts of beat up, and are dusty and I think it’s time for a replacement. Can anyone tell me if these will be nicer than what I already have if I choose to order them?

PS: I’m a total logitech junkie, and these speakers have to be real good for me to put away the X-530.

I have a $200 creative 5.1 set I have had for over 10 years and it had been great to me. Do you like the x-530 i need a new set and dont think it is worth it for a high price set. I have a logitech 2.1 set that sound great and I need a 5.1

I’ve been looking for an inexpensive 5.1 system for a very long while now. I think this one will do me very well.

Happy wooting!

Anyone know if these are 5.1 capable when hooked up to a PS3?

Just about every PC sound system I’ve seen (mostly the similarly priced Logitechs) only hook up through gaming/stereo adaptors and they don’t actually give you 5.1 sound.

I’m darn close to biting on this deal if they do.

I see. Well, the audio quality has always been crisp, but not bose crisp of course! These have a bit more wattage, but the X-530 can go very loud already, it shakes the entire house :D. Although I think the crisp is starting to fade I think abit, and I probably should get around to mounting the rear satellite speakers…

does the PS3 have a digital out line? You can probably find a converter for that if so. But yeah, these don’t directly hook up. The X-530 I bought came with an adapter to take Mono and Stereo Out.

wrong model

i have a laptop that i use to watch movies on frequently. as far as i know it only has the regular headphone jacks. can i use this?

the ps3 does have digital out - i had the x540’s and then decided to make the leap to the z-5500’s for a pc and ps3 setup…i haven’t looked back since.

No highs?
No lows?

Must be bose. :-/

Darn… and I just got logitech’s G51 surround system at circuit city for 80 bucks. XD

I also have the longitech x-530 that I got 3 maybe 4 years ago on clearance for $50 at walmart. Would these really be an upgrade?

my computer has 8 channel audio…has 6 audio jacks and a digital jack…will these speakers work ok, or are there too few speakers for my audio capacity?

BTW, this is the cheapest brand of speakers you can buy at Fry’s, if that tells you anything. I always thought they were a house brand. I’m no audiophile or anything though.

If you are saying that something is not as good as a Bose than it must be junk. Though Bose is a great company, they overcharge people for a poor-moderate sounding system (excluding the Bose 901’s of course) that uses paper cones for most of their products but is simple to hook up. But wait, they use neodymium magnets in some of their speakers? That must make them the best (done with Bose brainwashed customer rant)

Now for the system, for the price it is hard to go wrong, but keep that in mind. You are paying $70 for six speakers. Can you really expect to be wow’d? If this is your price range, this will be one of the best system’s you will find. It is comparable to the Logitech Z5500 speakers (for the price), however the one thing this lacks in is the high’s and the bass does not kick hard (hey it’s just like a Bose). So it will be good for movies and games, but moderate for music listening.