Cyber Acoustics Kindle 3 Cover

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Cyber Acoustics Kindle 3 Cover
$2.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New

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is this kindle compatible?

Will this work with a kindle fire?

Does anyone know if this will fit the Kindle Fire???

That was my question too! I’m guessing not. Which is why it’s on woot…

I bet if we can get a positive answer here it’ll sell out quick. :slight_smile:

I got one of these in my last bundle of coronas. It’s a pretty fantastic cover. Beat the pants off of my old one that would inhibit button presses along the edge and allowed the kindle to slide out of the top. This is secure, fairly solid, and lets you stand it up so you can look pretentious reading in public.

it states kindle 3…so thats your answer

What do they mean, “Kindle not included”? ? ? ? What good is this without a Kindle? I expect to get the cover AND a Kindle for my precious $2.99 !

Can’t find much info on the company site…would be in if I could get it to fit the Fire.

Still looking…

I bought one anyway, without knowing if it will fit a Kindle Fire. It’s $8, and the Galaxy Tab cover I received in my last BOC fit the fire well enough…

so…this comes with a kindle, right?

I need one for the Kindle 4 I just bought (thanks deals.woot!). I got really excited then realized this is for the Kindle 3 :frowning:

This is for the Kindle Keyboard, as seen here:

And NOT for any of the new ones (Touch/Fire/etc)

No pictures of it closed? Crumbs.

The Kindle Fire and Kindle 3 are different-sized. I would be surprised if the Fire’s increased thickness slotted into the four corner holders on this one.

There isn’t a disclaimer saying it doesn’t

I had a similar cover for my old HP TabletPC, and it was a worthy accessory. If you have a Kindle 3, I would suggest you buy it.

Judging by the picture, it looks like a Kindle Keyboard 3G.

Am I right?

Completely different dimensions from the regular kindle, unless the case is universal?