Cyber Acoustics Neckband Stereo Headset with Boom Microphone

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Cyber Acoustics Neckband Stereo Headset with Boom Microphone
$2.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New

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speakin speakin

Didn’t we do this already…?

Yep, just bought one today

woot is pretty sad. how much more crap are they going to sell? who is buying this junk?

Aww, man… I had a headset like this before, after a while it would hurt my ears to the point where it felt like they might as well be bleeding. Ouchies!

Pretty crappy woot-off.

Don’t need this…I have a voice made for Silent Pictures.


some very brave martyrs who have sacrificed their sleep and money for the rest of us wooters. To those buying the crap, we salute you -_-


These have just gone downhill since Amazon picked them up…

In for 3 gf constantly breaks her headsets, ill bite.

Yes…Semper Buy.


Why don’t they put up PCMCIA ethernet adapters? I don’t need a headset thank you.

I can’t believe I just missed that $50 tablet. Damnit! I walked away for a minute.

Well, time to switch from beer to whiskey.

I’m buying this particular piece of junk because I go through headphones like crazy and I know someone who needs a pair of these anyway. Also they remind me of the headsets on BSG so that’s a good thing anyway :3

Totally. 10/100 even. Forget that gigabit crap.