Cyber Acoustics Speaker System w/iPod Dock

Yay, I get to be the one to ask if it’s compatible with an iPhone!

and I’ll throw in does it charge the new ipod’s announced last week? (which it should if it Charges an iphone 3g, 4th gen nano, 2nd gen touch or newer models)

Some reviews on El Amazon

Overall looks like an okay buy, not bad… not great. But for the price, it seems worth it. Maybe buy as a gift for someone or use as a spare to leave somewhere.

Product Website

From one of the Amazon reviews (from 2009), “Also, one other note, The only ipods tested on this were ipod classics (The newer slimmer ones, not the old old thick ones) and an iPhone that was either the first or second gen phone. Both worked great on the system, and the remote worked both of them no problem


5 Star reviews

In my experience, everything that worked with my 3G or 3GS has worked with my iPhone 4. To my surprise, the iPhone 4 works with many things that the 3G[S] did not work with as well.

It most likely will charge the iPhone, but it certainly should play/stream music from it fine.

I couldn’t find this same model at this Web site. Might be discontinued.

arg! No ipod 3g charging? I still have a 3g thats been going strong for years as desk duty at work, but my podcasts are on my touch. My current docking solution charges the 3g but not the touch, and this would do the touch but not the 3g. Is there any speaker dock that could charge both?

Video review from J&R

That Froogle thing

This is a quote from the newer model:
“Cyber Acoustics’ docking speakers will charge all iPods, iPod Touch, and iPhones except the iPod Shuffle and 3rd generation models”
I assume they didn’t downgrade and the limits apply to this model as well

I wonder about the life of the rechargeable battery and whether it can be replaced if it fails to hold a charge over time.

From the pictures it looks removable. I am not sure, but expect you could buy a replacement at a specialty battery store or online.

still waiting to find out if this is compatible with iphone 3G

Will it work with IPod touch?

The dimensions just don’t look right. My ipod classic is 4"H x 2 3/8"W

From the item page:

“Compatible with any iPod with dock connector”
“Charges all iPods (except Shuffle and 3G) when docked”

The description at Amazon also says essentially the same, and one reviewer there said it worked with his iPhone.

Finally, this product page specifically mentions the touch.

Rock on!

Agreed. The plastic adapters that fit in the iPod docks are over 2.5" wide, so this unit has to be something like 8" wide.

edit: It also says “2” full range driver with 3” dynamic radiators,” so it’s either larger than the indicated dimensions, or it uses magic.