Cyber Acoustics Speaker System w/iPod Dock

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Cyber Acoustics Speaker System w/iPod Dock
$24.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New

Product List:

  • 1 Cyber Acoustics CA-491 Speaker System w/iPod Dock

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That Froogle thing



When are they going to have one of these for my iPhone 4???

Sure it is swell, but it isn’t a Sony!

so yes, this will work with a Mac

(if by Mac you mean Apple, and by Apple you mean older generation ipods)

/preemtive strike

I never really got into these kinds of set ups. I do have an iPod but if I am going to listen to music without headphones, I prefer a true sound system.

Who wants your silly iPod… I have a perfectly good Zune*. So there.

(*purchased from Woot, of course!)

In 4 one. I can use it in another room.

will this work with my ipodz?

I need more cheetahs!!!

Where’s one for my Zune?

I got one of these on sellout a few weeks ago, and it came in yesterday. It works great and sounds great too, especially for the price. I’ve been using it at work all day, and it’s great.

One head’s up, the remote only lets you navigate through the current playlist. You can’t go to another playlist/artist/album with it.

I swear, if you get a quality post for that…i’m gonna shoot a kitten

Iphone compatible?

Don’t other players deserve a dock?

We don’t ALL have i-pizzles, you know!

Won’t somebody please think of the Sansas?

Oh, the humanity…

About time for T-Shirts, eh??