Cyber Acoustics Speaker System with iPod Dock

Need a Sansa dock to go with the upcomming Sansas.

Will it work with my brown Zune?

I have been waiting this entire woot off for an iPod Dock! Now I can get back to work.

Or Sansas already purchased.

$59.80 on Amazon:

Will I look cool walking around with this on my shoulder, or should I stick to my gigantic boombox?

I haven’t seen an iPod dock in the stores for several years now–right after that Betamax thing Sony had.

I don’t want your “classic” (a.k.a. old) iPod.

How many freakin’ docks do people need?

Will this work with iPhone 3G to charge?

I’m seeing some reports of yes…

Hey! It looks like Montana’s wooter finally woke up!

Will this work for any iPhone? This would be a great thing to put in the Batroom so I can watch TED while I am on the throne.

Anyone know what the battery life is like?

Bought one last woot off,works great lasts about 6hr on full charge. Good sound and deal for the $$

Now let’s see some iPod nanos!

Amazon’s got 'em for $60, eligible for Prime, with 3.5 stars

Golly gee…iCyber iAcoustics iSpeaker iSystem with iPod iDock

total crap. bought one during the last woot off and it didnt work about 2 weeks.

jeepers! i wonder if i can aux in my yellow tea kettle from yesterday!