Cyber-Blue Bluetooth v2.0 Class 2 Slim USB Dongle



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We’ve got it all. Sounds will be available shortly. =)

Track Woot. Bringing it to you all night long baby!

I got one of these. And then I got a laptop with bluetooth. x_x




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Cyber-Blue Bluetooth v2.0 Class 2 Slim USB Dongle
$4.99 + $5 shipping
condition: New
product(s): 1 Cyber-Blue Bluetooth Class 2 Slim USB Dongle

** Long live the WOOT-OFF !!!**


hehehe… dongle






no thanks. 1stg


First post?




after all of that waiting this is what we get? disappointing, to say the least.


lol finally, ok are these any good, I want a bluetooth dongle but havent looked into prices or anything yet.




I still don’t get these dongle things


Hurry up and buy!


I hope they don’t have 10,000 of these things.


why? this is hardly a deal, maybe save a dollar


this sucks my bag of crap balls


why isn’t this gone yet?


i hope theres only 5