Cyber Monday 11/26/2018


Is there any information about cyber monday 2018?


There was an email a few hours ago which mentioned that there will be a Woot-Off tomorrow.


Email…It must’ve not made it to everyone yet. I didn’t get no email and the HS guide still shows stay tuned for More


Will there be more LE BOC’s? I couldn’t get on during Black Friday because family and driving.


No LE BOCs. That was Black Friday only. Sorry.


Will there be unlimited edition BOCs then?


There will the disappointing edition of BOCs. Otherwise known as the usual crap.


But more importantly will there be leak frogs?

I miss leak frog’s I need me some me some leak frogs


Um, What are mall ciculars? Woot-Ciculars


Don’t you mean what r mall ciculars?

Sorry, I’ll show myself out.


HEY! you found it! We like to leave little things for y’all to find and send you into a twitching spasm of grammar overload.


Wrong! Should be mall cicadas!