Cyber Monday should be open to all for BOC's!!

All of us have shopped all year long on both Amazon and Woot! and on the busiest day of the year on the Internet, there should be no restrictions!

There will be 2,000 B0Cs today. :slightly_smiling_face:

That quantity nothing to do with it, if you have bought a BOC in the last 31 days, you are shut out of these 2000 today.

Just create another account, duh.

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And we feel that in the spirit of giving, you should share the fun with others. :slight_smile:


Which is why some people purposely resist from getting B0Cs before certain dates.

Oh, and the junk in those B0Cs is not worse than the junk in these boxes.

(Cause people want the worst box possible. Right?)

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I agree TT but don’t we do that all year long, and wouldn’t it be cool to do this just once a year??

We did do it once this year in July.