CyberPower 1300VA/810W Backup System

CyberPower 1300VA/810W Backup System

My LX1325G 1325VA / 810W from Woot 06 Jul 2017 still going strong, both of them. Gets through the short power bumps and outages.

Recommended for TV, modem, router, A/P and computer, but not all on the same unit, of course.


I have 3 of the CST135XLU which is the 1350VA version of this. They work very well. The front display is very informative of how much load you have on it at any given time as well as estimated run time available at current load.
I have one connected to my Synology storage array and it will trigger a shutdown when the available run time gets too low.
I also have one connected to a Linux server and it also monitors for low run time and triggers an OS shutdown.
Both of these have been tested in actual power outages in the past month. Both systems performed the auto shutdown flawlessly.

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