CyberPower 1300VA/810W UPS Battery Backup

CyberPower 1300VA/810W UPS Battery Backup

Recommended for TV, modem, router, A/P and computer, but not all on the same unit, of course.
My LX1325G 1325VA / 810W from Woot 06 Jul 2017 still going strong, both of them. Gets through the short power bumps and outages.

How would I know which to choose of the 3?

It depends on your application, I guess. The CyberPower CST1300ALU 1300VA/810W UPS Battery Backup, has Two USB charge ports (2.1 Amp shared) rapidly power portable devices such as mobile phones, MP3 players, and cameras.
That is not very high USB amp output, but it may suffice for different low power accessories that require USB power. Saves an outlet in the back rather than plugging in a wall wart that may even cover two outlets.

DO NOT buy one of these. I got one the last time they appeared on woot, and when we recently had a power outage, the device failed spectacularly. Only thing it had enough power to do was beep a couple of times and die.

Was it able to stay on with a lower load on it or did it beep and shut down even with nothing plugged into it?

I have 5 of the Pure Sine models. These are the simulated sine ones, a step below. You can get the pure sine models, in the same size for $20 to $40 more on sale, at B&H or Newegg.

I have their CyberPower CP1500PFCLCD pure sinewave model that’s been connected to my PC, router, modem, monitor for over a year. It works well and the only way I know when I’m at the computer and there’s a power outage is that it beeps and a screen pops up telling me so. It works seamlessly to let me continue for 45 minutes or so. I think the brand is great vs my previous brand UPS that didn’t do squat when the lights flickered and my computer immediately shut off.

I got one of these back in May or June when they were refurbs. I have my modem, fiber optic converter, ethernet switch and VOIP gateway under load and never once have they lost power during a trip of the breaker. I hear the device beep beep when power is disrupted and everything stays powered/synced up