CyberPower 1350VA/810W PC Battery Backup

I like these. Good runtime.

I already have two that backup various computer gear in the house. Bought a 1325 VA from Woot as a backup for my garage door and it works great. Think I’ll pick up another one as a warm spare.

I use something very similar for my network gear.
Using the USB cable to my pfSense router my router is aware of the UPS and can Email me when mains power is lost. Pretty handy without having to spend for a Network enabled UPS.

Costco had these for the same price.

Terrible deal. This can be had brand new at both BJ’s Wholesale and at Costco for the same price.

This is something I need to look into…for some reason I never even considered connecting them…

How long will these power a desktop pc for? The description says “long enough to safely power down…” Will it do this automatically when unit is engaged? Or do you have to be physically present to power down electronics ? Curious for when loss of power occurs when I’m not home. Thanks in advance!

Really? I can just walk into my local BJ’s and buy one?

Ok, ok, ok. You talked, we listened.

The new price is $84.99!!

Buy ALL the Battery Backups!

If you already purchased, you will be automagically refunded the difference soonish.

Thank you! I was just about to send a support email asking for a refund for the difference.

depends on how hot your computer is… how many monitors, etc.

But 15 minutes is a fair estimate.

I have a Cyberpower on my desktop, home theater and my home network cage… when we have an outage, the smaller rack mount (yea, I have a full on 7’ tall Black Box network rack in my home office!) CyberPower UPS will keep the internet going (wifi) and my HP ProCurve 24 port switch running for over 1 hour. They are low load devices tho.

I have used UPS’ of this size to run lights, too. Figure 3 hours or more.

Hope that helps.

It depends on how hard your PC is grunting but for most, drawing around 100 watts, you’ll get somewhere in the neighborhood of 45 minutes. The automagic shutdown relies on software run on the computer connected to the UPS via USB.

I don’t see one that cheap at on the COSTCO web site. Do you have a link?

Here is a link to recent sales of various Cyberpower units from deal This looks like a decent deal to me.

Not on their web site, but I can confirm in store, purchased a brand new one a few weeks back for $99. Even with the price reduction, by the time you add shipping, I’d just assume pay a couple bucks more and get a new unit that hasn’t been kicked around in the shipping process and that has an easy return if there is an issue.

What is the warranty? Text says 3 years in middle, and 1 year at bottom.