CyberPower 1350VA/810W PC Battery Backup

I think that the most important question is if they are new batteries.

I too have that question.

The batteries will be checked to make sure they are good.

A two-year-old batter could be “good.”

I was really excited by this. And disappointed I missed out on a black Friday deal that was similar but this is a bad deal.

New battery backups offer 3 year warranties on the device and battery, this is only 1 year.

I had one Cyberpower backup die and in order to get it serviced you have to pay for shipping back to Cyberpower which costs $30+. So your best shot then is to just buy a new battery online which only costs around $30.

With only $50 savings with this deal you’re on the line of just buying a brand new one on Amazon for $129 and not needing to buy a new battery in a year.

You local battery store such as BatteriesPlus carries them.

Two things, one, this is a square wave UPS. There are more expensive cyber power upses about $110 for a pure sine wave 1350 va on Newegg when on sale. And two, since this appears to be manufacturer refurbed, you would have to assume the one thing they would test is the battery and replace if not up to spec. Nothing else makes sense, but I would get the new pure sine model at Newegg for a little more