CyberPower 1350VA/810W PC Battery Backup

CyberPower 1350VA/810W PC Battery Backup

A bit curious why Woot is showing reviews for the CP1350PFCLCD which is a pure sine wave UPS while the unit being sold is a different, cheaper modified sine wave product. Big difference between a pure and modified sine wave UPS


Can anyone break down the differences between this and the CP1350AVRLCD? The product listings on the CyberPower website are literally copy/paste from this to the newer CP1350AVRLCD. Only difference I see is the AVR is rated 5w higher. I just bought the CP1350AVRLCD brand new, will be delivered Monday. Wondering if I should just return and get this?
(and FWIW this is normally $100 refurb’d it seems, so, Ebay is always an option once this expires)

I bought this last time it was on sale back in May for $84.99 and I’m happy with it. Perfect condition. Many times I had power interruptions this summer and this saved me the headaches of waiting for my modem and everything connected to it to come back online.

txyaloo, I completely agree. I used to be 100% APC, but switched over to CyberPower based on my need to have pure sine was UPSes. I don’t even know why the reputable companies make them with “modified” or “simulated” sine waves anymore. But everyone should be warned that this is not work with a more modern computer desktop that uses a high-end power supply.

Only lasts 10 minutes on half load? I have a small APC with modem, router, and Ooma plugged in and it lasts 30min to 1 hour.
How long would this last with only that stuff plugged in?

This model has come up on Woot quite often for some time. I have bought at least 11 of these with the earliest purchased December of 2018. I have them all over the house and have had no problems with any of them so far. Almost all of my electronics are plugged into one as we have so many power blips here. They also keep my cable modem and router going for quite some time when the power goes out. I even have a 65" TV that will tune for about forty minutes on backup power if I recall correctly.

Hi there. It’s because Amazon has multiple models listed on the same page and the reviews are mixed for all. Quite frustrating.