CyberPower 1350VA/810W PC Battery Backup

CyberPower 1350VA/810W PC Battery Backup

These are frequently on sale here and I bought this refurb earlier this summer and it works like a charm. Multiple times I had breakers trip or storm surges and this kept my network & Wi-Fi online. Odd how the cheaper model has more outlets at 10.

Awesome these came back even if this is a refurb. Even better that’s it’s factory refurbished.
I’m glad it’s noted that the batteries were replaced as part of the refurbishing.

I just got a new gaming tower and monitor for photo/video editing.

Not sure what the Watt Hours are for this. How long will it run my wifi router (~65 watts max) in a power outage?

Specs say 10 minutes at 50% load. If you’re just plugging in a Wi-Fi router it should power it for longer than 10 minutes.

Did anyone order this and actually receive it? Mine is stuck in “Preparing for shipment” and two contact forms to customer support have produced 0 replies.

Have you checked spam?


Hey there. I see you were refunded back on 9/15 for both.

Around 9/8, we sent an email to all customers saying that we rant out of inventory but we had alternatives to offer. I see your order number in the list. If you didn’t reply back, we canceled your order.

In addition, I see that CS answered you on 10/2 and 10/11.

Note that emails from CS go to your Woot email address so make sure that is correct.