CyberPower 1350VA/810W PC Battery Backup

CyberPower 1350VA/810W PC Battery Backup

Bought two of these the last time they came around. Decent things; runs my bigass gaming computer with a 43" TV for a monitor for about 25 minutes. I intended it more for riding out power weirdness, the power here is flakier than Tony the Tiger’s dandruff. The LED in the power button went bad and tends to blink and flicker, but meh, it still works.

99 on eBay, if eBay bucks you get .99 back thus $0.02 more than woots price of $97.99
How is saving $0.02 a deal on a deal website?

(Technically you can get more back on eBay if you got the eBay Bucks promo, and then you can always include a cashback site.)

The eBay listing offers a 2 year warranty by somebody other than CyberPower, while the Woot listing has a one year CyberPower warranty.

These seem to be on sale often here so they must be pretty good refurbs. The one I bought back in May has worked beautifully. I’ve had many breaker trips and power surges this summer and everytime it kept my fiber network and VOIP online eliminating the 3 minutes of syncing back up

I bought one in Sept. (same model) but for $89.99 from Woot.
So, 10% price increase due to COVID??
It works great, but would another one work 10% better?

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I bought one of these in Jan. of '18. Still works flawlessly. Would buy again.

Didn’t notice that. The ones I bought were 89.99 too.