CyberPower 1500VA/900W PC Battery Backup

CyberPower 1500VA/900W PC Battery Backup

It’s only $129 for a brand new one at Costco

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Yes and also $132new one in newegg tax and shipping for free. Woot is really off on these pricing. They need a new pricing manager :rofl::rofl::rofl: selling used refurbished items more than new one’s cost.

Also I would not buy any of them because the simulated sine wave is not compatible with newer power supplies. Instead buy their models with perfect sinewaves. A bit more expensive though.

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Only $5 more for a brand new one, with a brand new battery, for the big one on Amazon. This isn’t a deal at all on a refurb being sold on an Amazon subsidiary.

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I have had 5 of these units at various times and want to love them but I have more problems with them than not.

With some of the units, switching to battery eventually failed despite a battery showing full charge.

Other units experience random power offs, defeating the entire purpose of the unit. Seriously, I have more equipment unexpectedly and unrecoverably shutdown as a result of the UPS itself shutting down for no reason, than actual power outages.

Send me the link you found so I can bring this up to the Computers team.

That is not the same model. The link you provided is for a CP1500AVRLCD and not a BRG1500AVRLCD. The BRG1500AVRLCD is going for $184.95 on

The model sold at Costco for $129 is CST150XLU and only has 10 outlets vs the 12 of the model BRG1500AVRLCD that is being sold here.

I totally prefer pure sinewave vs simulated but I have had both and most or all of the ones I have now are simulated and none of the various devices hooked up to them have had issues including several of my CRT and LED TV’s. I have a couple of the slightly cheaper APC units in 1500va size and they are pretty much exactly like these units and work fine till the batteries go flat after about 5 years. One of mine almost refused to run, the other basic, no display unit, still works but the replace batteries light is flashing, Any of these types of units have easily replaceable batteries and you can find great deals on eBay for OEM and knockoff batteries that will work fine. Lately for me it’s been cheaper to wait for a closeout deal on a unit then replacing the batteries on my old ones.

Most newer computers have active PFC power supplies that simply do not play well with the squared “simulated sine wave” UPS units. If its power supply is 80 Plus rated, chances are a pure sine wave UPS will be needed.