CyberPower 4-Port USB 2.0 Hub with Rechargeable Battery Pack

1 CyberPower 4-Port USB 2.0 Hub with Rechargeable Battery Pack

$4.99 + $5 shipping

condition: New

pricing for future reference

Nice device for those new netbooks.

Whats the battery life?

I’ll tell you what 500mA means woot, if you do it right, it can stop your heart! :stuck_out_tongue:

70/100 on Alatest Reviews…,42/

discontinued device! has it $9.99 too. called Cyberpower and they confirmed it was discontinued, they also pulled the product website for it.

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I see BUY website quit selling it, wonder if these are liquidation items from buy’s stock?

I don’t get it… a battery powered USB hub? What do you… why would it… um…

I don’t get it.

Anyone have any idea what this woud be useful for???/

I have to admit, I am having a hard time understanding the purpose of connecting a battery pack to a USB hub.

First of all…it’s a hub. Second, it’s a power source for your usb chargeable(s) when you are away from your computer.

Ok. I’m pretty sure I want this. I just don’t quite get it. If the usb port is powerful enough to charge the batteries, isn’t it powerful enough to drive a passive hub? someone help!!!

This could run some of the fun usb toys that Woot sold during the last woot off. (and you wouldn’t even need the computer to run them with a full battery)!

I think I’ll take 3

The idea is that this hub can still power your USB fan, dart launcher, or pole dancer without being plugged into a computer.

This is really nice for traveling if you have a USB plug for your cell fone, for example, you can charge the phone that way. Then plug the hub into the laptop to charge the batteries on the hub.

It’s actually pretty useful IF you travel. If not…it’s kind of pointless, really.

There was some discussion about this item on slickdeals, the batteries add extra power to the hub while the hub is plugged in (ie connecting multiple high drain devices)… long story short it is useless. from what I understand you can not charge a phone ect from this device unless it is plugged into a usb port.

From what I understand you can not do that, but I could be wrong.

Maybe you can charge your Ipod or other device while it’s not connected to your computer? Or maybe it just acts as a buffer for devices that draw a lot of power?

Does anyone know if this will charge a T-Mobile G1 phone or an iPod Touch 1st gen?

I could turn off my computer before my Sansa was done recharging ???

I could turn off my computer before my Sansa was done recharging ???