CyberPower 625VA/375W PC Battery Backup

CyberPower 625VA/375W PC Battery Backup

It looks like the CP625HG is the replacement for the SX625G. Specs look identical so it is unknown what the difference is. Perhaps a different source manufacturer???

Either way, if you look around, you’ll find other battery backups going for the $30-$35 range but note those are for 450V and not the 625V offered here. That means this one gives you more time to shut down a computer or keep an aquarium filter running longer after a power outage.

Make sure this fits your needs. I’ve had mixed results with CyberPower - one UPS just died after about 3 years whilst another is running after 5 or so. I’ve gotten my money out of even the dead one and I recommend this brand over APC. I’m still old-school so I think the IsoBar (now by TrippLite) is the best but I wouldn’t hesitate purchasing a CyberPower.


Anyone know if these refurb’d UPSes have new battery replacements?

Yes, the batteries have been replaced by the manufacturer.

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