CyberPower 750 Watt Mobile Power Inverter

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Has to be clamped to battery, no option to plug into DC outlet inside vehicle.

The spec’s don’t say if it is a true sine wave or not. If it isn’t it is not for everything. 85% effeciency is on the low side of what you want but it is the low side of their spec.

This is absolutely one of the most ridiculous items I have ever seen put on Woot…

Look at the pictures…They are giving you a "hookup to your battery"l option only…

Know why?

Because if you put it thru your lighter at that “draw of power” you are going to blow the fuse every time…

What a dumbass idea…

Who has to direct battery terminals in there passenger compartment anywhere?

Who would want that?

WOOT…Please explain any application of this device? Please?

Can I use it to run a 6-amp charger to charge the car battery that it is hooked up to?
I’m looking along the lines of a perpetual motion machine.

I’ve got a friend who uses inverters like this. He has a generator that automatically charges a bank of 12v batteries when they get to 50% or less. And he uses inverters to power lights and small appliances when he’s camping… Great rig actually!

My wife makes artsy type stuff from glass fused in a kiln. Among the stuff are lamp shades for pendent and table lights. Most of her stuff sells at various shows, many times there is no power at these places and generators are banned (noise). So a deep cycle battery and an inverter runs the lighting - all LED bulbs for low power draw - for hours. It’s hard to buy a light you cannot see lit. And other lighting to highlight the plates, bowls, etc is nice.

She is not the only one who utilizes such a system.

Buy Woot should say this is not for in car use while driving to charge …Let say a laptop…The Amperage draw will blow a fuse very quickly…

For an inverter with this many watts, you definitely would NOT want that option, you would blow out the fuse. I use a couple of inverters in my van/RV and all are directly hooked up to the battery (with large gauge wires), it is really the only way to do it with large power inverters.

Even the smaller watt ones really should be hooked up directly thru the battery to reduce the risk of blowing a fuse.

Boondocking… Camping off the grid. That’s what I use mine for. There’s plenty of uses for an inverter.

I am sure it is just a modified sine wave. I found it they do not say, then it is NOT a true sine wave. Plus the low price is a giveaway that it is not.

They should say, but most do not.

Inverters are a fantastic product!

Not a ridiculous item at all, these are extremely useful for converting 12v to 110v in certain situations. Most RV’s use them, good for situations where they do not want to or cannot use a generator. I even use a 2000 watt one in my home, hooked it up to a battery bank (powered by solar cells) and now I can power items off the grid.

Well said

Well not really.

Blame the laws of physics (or the laws of electricity?), that is just the way it is. If you are going to draw 40 amps, you just cannot do it through a 10 amp fuse. You CANNOT plug this into a cigarette lighter, even if you do not like that “dumbass idea”.

The inverters that have a cigarette plug are the bad ideas.

It does come with a cable for using it through the lighter connection. Per the manual, you must watch what you plug into it using this method so you’re not trying to draw too much power.

Too late, it is just you and me here.