CyberPower Mobile Power Inverter



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CyberPower Mobile Power Inverter
$5.99 + $5 Standard OR $10 Two-Day OR $20 One-Day Shipping
Condition: Refurbished

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Nobody wants this crap… oh the irony


I’ve got one, they do come in handy.


what can I run on this? looks too small for anything worthwhile.


This won’t work for me, my truck is a manual shift and would tear this apart everytime I went to 3rd gear


Cool, now women can blow dry their hair while driving.


Can never have enough of these, especially when you have kids.


Awesome idea. I’m in for one.


I want a big bag of crap but I really want crap in it.


Got one a while ago.

We take it camping with us so we can blow up the air mattress.

I’m willing to “rough it” but I can only take so much “rough”


It does flex after the outlet. Perhaps you could point it downward after plugging into it?


These are great if you’re overseas and renting a car. Easier and safer than many (cheap) wall-outlet converters I’ve tried. I use this while at home for sure, but it’s main function is charging stuff while in England.


Utilizing my time wisely by hot ironing my hair on the way to the office in the morning? Win!!


Can you really trust this if it’s a refurb? That worries me. I am not confident it won’t blow up whatever item I have plugged in.


It’s limited to 150 watts, so no hair drying. I got one of these in the last Woot-off. Although not mentioned or pictured anywhere on the box, there’s a USB outlet next to the 120v outlet.




Keep in mind that this thing is only rated for 140W. I don’t think that I’ve seen a hair dryer under several hundred watts.

Also, from a few reviews for this product, it seems that the ground prong isn’t actually grounded. This is a problem with some devices. Mainly high power devices, and laptop computers.


my car is manual also and the tilt function allows it to fit ok.


Are you sure? Mine doesn’t have a USB.