CyberPower Mobile Power Inverter

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CyberPower Mobile Power Inverter
$4.99 + $5 Standard OR $10 Two-Day OR $20 One-Day Shipping
Condition: Refurbished

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Now I can cook bacon in my car!

Had one in a vet truck. It ate three laptop batteries.

caution! bacon cooker should not be driving while cooking. POSSIBLE OIL SPILLAGE

Could you please elaborate? Was it due to a defective product or were the batteries you were recharging not in the correct wattage range? How did this happen and is this common? Thanks.

How did it do dat?

The reviewers at Amazon aren’t really happy with this, and at least one says you can’t use it with a laptop.


I bought 3 of these on an earlier WootOff and haven’t had any negative issues with them at all. My wife kept a netbook plugged into it, connected to a Verizon Jetpack, on a 7 hour road trip with no power issues. Netbook still runs great.

perhaps you should have fed it before using it ?

Hey, Woot, is that a CyberPower CPS150BI Mobile Power Inverter in your pocket or are you just happy to see us?


Not defective but couldn’t transfer properly and caused a bizarre fluctuation of wattages that eventually killed the laptop batteries.

I’m pretty sure that for a power inverter reburbished means they put out the fire.

in for one. my laptop’s battery is already shot and can only hold a charge for an hour these days anyways, so whats the worst that could happen?

Will never use a mobile inverter again. Used one once (not this brand) and you’ve never lived until you’re going down the interstate at 75 mph and smokes starts coming out of one. Thought I had fried the car’s electrical system. Fortunately that was 2 years ago and still have the car, and haven’t had a problem, but we had to stop at the next rest stop and get some clothes out of the luggage.

I have one of these and have never had any issues with it. But it’s LOUD. When you plug it into the cigarette something starts up inside that makes a very loud buzzing noise.


Granted the laptop that we use it with the battery is already shot, otherwise we wouldn’t need to plug it in.

Gosh! Functional or not, it looks like the offspring of a vintage metal vacuum cleaner and microphone of the 50’s. Sorry Woot, not in my car.


Reviews on Amazon cite that this unit is Not grounded, i.e. the third prong has no wire running off of it! Therefore, Not recommended for anything using a 3 prong plug, even tho this unit can take a 3 prong plug.