CyberPowerPC Gaming Computers

why doesn’t it say anything about the motherboard or chipset?

Reviews on newegg for the i7 desktop.

The EK3000 is an pentium, the Vabor 3.5 GHz is i3, and the Vapor 3.1 GHz is an Athlon X4 (the others have the processor in their name.
Check out the Specs tab of the computer you are asking about to see more information.

The CyberPowerPC GX1502 is listed with having an R9 270 in the title, but a R9 290x in the specs. Potential buyers will want to know which card it has.

I bought a custom PC from CyberPowerPC and it is working beautifully. As a heads up, the tower on the GX1502 is probably going to be bigger than what you expect if you are normally looking at desktops at Best Buy (this is a ATX full tower where as those are miniATX). This certainly has it’s advantages if you have the space by giving better heat management and allowing for easy expansion. This has room for 2 more 3.5 inch hard drives (desktop drives), 2 more 2.5 inch hard drives (SSDs or laptop drives) and 2 more disk drives (CD/DVD/Bluray or card readers). Also worth noting is that this does not have a wifi card in it, so you will want to add one or run an Ethernet cable.

I have not had to contact Customer Support, so I cannot comment on the that.

Edited as it has been fixed now, see below

Checking on that graphics card. Please hold.

Update: It’s the 270 2GB. And fixed. Thanks for pointing out our error.

Seems like they’re just blowing out the low end stuff. Having said that, I purchased a high end gamer(Desktop) from them in 2011 and it works perfectly. Now I am ready for an upgrade so hope they come back with a good selection of higher end gaming desktops next time.

270 or 270x?

It says 270x on specs page, but 270 in the features.

  1. Fixed again. :slight_smile:

Both of the laptops say ‘GTX 860’ in the title and specs, but ‘GT 860’ in the description. There’s a not-insignificant difference between the two. Checking in to see which it is?


Hi. It’s the GTX 860M. Thanks!

As a pc gamer who follows hardware pretty closely the only two machines here in this sale that I would consider reasonable are Syber Vapor systems. They are both decent lower midrange systems and should provide a pretty good experience at 1080p. Of the two the amd based system is the better option imo at 550 dollars the cpu is good enough to run most games reasonably well and its got a more powerful gpu then the intel/nvidia combo could maybe use another 4gb of ram though.

I bought a PC from CyberpowerPC once, and it was the absolute worst experience I’ve ever had with a computer. It wouldn’t boot at first. Turns out several data cables inside were not connected. CyberpowerPC blamed it on UPS. Performance was terrible with errors filling up my Windows log files, and they blamed it on Windows. They wanted to know where I got my copy of Windows. I explained that i had an MSDN subscription and it is perfectly legal. They had me wipe it and go through troubleshooting for weeks, still could not resolve the issue.

When I finally gave up and decided to return it, they said, “Sorry, you’re out of the return period!” After a battle, they took it back… and screwed me out of the shipping charge.

Never again…

What kind of motherboard does the CyberPowerPC GX1502 Gamer Xtreme Desktop have?

This pretty much saved me from making a mistake. The reviews don’t look so great :frowning:

And just to give the other side: I’ve bought my last two PCs from CyberPower, and I look forward to the day I get my next PC from them. I love the customization options, I love the price, I love the components they use. My current PC is at 4 years and going strong, no issues whatsoever.

Looking at the same model laptop on their web site. The one offered on woot seems to be a stripped down version. Not such a good deal as it seems.