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is this listed correctly? i cant find a svaw100 listed anywhere but here? is it not the svab100? please advise as i am interested but i want to be sure of what i am buying

Looks like it is the same as the svab100. Likely the w and b denote the case colors.

well isnt that obvious,…now. thanks. also why is one 18% off and the other 34% off but they seem to be the same system?

Is there anything glaringly wrong with that GX1502? (Other than the size of the power supply.)

Why is it 61% off list price? Is it aging tech?

The console’s seem like decent systems actually. The others are not at all optimized for gaming, they are heavily focused on marketing the high powered CPU’s and they skimp on the GPU in a major way. You don’t really need anything more powerful than an i5 or maybe an i7 if you also stream or something, so just don’t buy these towers.

For a $1000 gaming rig this is way off the mark. The 6core i7 is HUGE overkill, and the graphics card is very weak at this price point. At this price I would recommend an i5-4690k and an r9-290x. Building your own is easy and way cheaper, head over to /r/buildapc and for some solid advice.

The r9 270 is a bit outdated, but mostly just way underpowered for a build at this price.

I was so close to buying a Syber, but the CPU isn’t strong enough to play some of the great titles coming out this year (Arkham Knight, Assassin’s Creed etc.)–unless game debate is wrong.

I have a 5+ year old i7 now. Somehow going to an i5 feels wrong, even if it is a whole different world of chips by now. hehehe

And if you want to save money, Dell is offering a free 32-inch TV (LG or Samsung) when you purchase a PC priced at $699 or higher. This includes gaming PC’s.


I don’t get the superpowered i7’s paired with mediocre GFX cards. If anything, it should be a superpower GPU and a low-end i7 or high-end i5.

Well then maybe think about getting a rig with the i7 4790k. This processor has an insane base clock speed and with 4cores + hyper threading, in all gaming instances this cpu will be much better than the 6-core i7 with a much lower clock speed.

This same PC is only $799.99 at Newegg opened box… $899.99 normally. NO DEAL HERE. BS that it’s 61% off.

It’s gotta be a typo. Found the same rig for less than what it’s going for here! See my above post.

hello woot? id like to give you business - but i would like this question answered.

Hi there. Our list prices come directly from the vendors - it’s part of the paper filled out during all the red tape phase. I’m not sure why it’s different but I’ll ask the computer team.

Whether the syber’s 18 or 34 percent off, it’s a deal. Especially since you can upgrade almost every component for less than the additional price from customizing through syber’s website. Well, so much for making it out of this one with just the cost of a console.

Almost pulled the trigger on a tower,

then reviewed comments from a previous Woot! offering which pointed to Newegg reviews.

Not good. As many 1 star reviews as 5 star reviews, and even a good number of 5 star reviews reported problems.

Yes, they were a slightly different build, but bad connections, bad components, bad drivers, etc… Bad reviews are as recent as April 2015. Seems to be some serious QC problems with this company. Emptied the cart.

I bought the GX1502. Mine arrived very quickly after ordering from this sale. I ordered on Tuesday, received it on Saturday.

The power cabling that they do is adequate, but annoying, as I was replacing the PSU. The fans are plugged directly into the PSU, and I had to remove the video card to remove one of the cables. Once I replaced the power supply with my 800W Corsair and installed my previous 3 TB HDD, I got the computer up and running without issues. The graphics card only has one DVI-I port, the other is DVI-D, so my VGA-to-DVI adapter cables only allowed me to use one of my two monitors.

I do have to compliment the case design. There’s ample space to run cabling behind the mobo, and no ports get blocked by burly PSU’s or graphics cards, like my previous cramped case. The front-panel ports all work fine, and the fans are quiet and keep the computer very cool. Great ventilation.

So far, the most intensive task I’ve given it has been playing Team Fortress 2 on high settings. I was a little disappointed to see the recommended settings were lower than on my previous graphics card (Radeon HD 5850). Maybe I should be using that instead of this one, despite being benchmarked lower? I may also need to update the drivers.

I checked around for other reviews after buying, and I found some reviews on Newegg that say that the RAM comes pre-installed into the wrong slots. I’ll be checking that soon, but if you buy the GX1502, that should be checked.

Windows 8.1 is terrible, but there are a number of ways to hammer it into something useable.

The takeaway:
Check that the RAM is installed in the correct slots for dual-channel, and consider replacing the PSU. The case design is great, the processor is amazingly powerful, and the GPU is middling. I don’t regret my purchase.

While the price of the GX1502 isn’t too far out of line compared to what you can build it for, maybe $50 more, I do have to question why they would pair such an inadequate video card with that overkill CPU.

You could build a similar system with the i7 4790K and a GTX970, with double the system RAM, for about the same price, and get much better performance.

I feel sorry for the suckers that paid anywhere close to the suggested retail price… =/