Cyberpub #88: No jacket required

probably the last, too!

If you get a chance, please check out my entry, Song Bird. Thanks!

Awesome stuff! Voted

the main ebw page shows i posted in “where no1 has gone b4” about a half hour ago. the post was pics of my derby entry, linked to the shirt.woot derby voting pate. the post is now nowhere to be found; the last post in the thread itself is from march 19!

This is gonna get printed. I can feel it.

Man, this took me FOREVER. I tell you no lie, I have some sort of virus on this stup**id computer I got here at home…

I hope you all like it. Turns out it looks GREAT on a black shirt!


Please vote for my Vinyl Sunset!

I hope so SKek. It’s hanging around in 5th place right now but I’m keeping my fingers crossed.

Me too.

On a related note, I’m thinking about pulling my design from Cameesa. I was up to $200/500, now with the new plan I’m back down to $90/500. So if you have $10 you can spend on a really funny shirt, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE support the design.


Otherwise, I’m gonna drop it since I’ve had it there for months.

Or at least SIGN up for Cameesa through the link. They need more people supporting all the designs. Several ex-woot designs are there, including Cat Carrier.

You know what could be cool? If instead of having an HM love fest with 10 designers in it, we should have a best of derby, where ALL the reckoned designs would battle it out for re-printing supremacy. I’d love to try to get my fish design back in print again.

you know what could be cool? instead of having a reckoned love fest with 100 designers in it, we should have a WORST-OF derby, where ALL the designs by PEOPLE WHO HAVEN’T BEEN PRINTED YET battle it out for DERBY INFAMY. let’s see some heatherpickens! let’s see some me! let’s see some RANDOM CAPITALIZATION!

I’d vote for that.

But there are thousands of those. How’d you go down to a manageable number?

I ended up not resubbing the high note design- figured I couldn’t do the good revisions, so it wasn’t worth it. I hope.

Need to have another dinosaur with the other clef. Another brachiosaur with the treble clef.

Incidentally, there is no such dinosaur as a brontosaurus- that was an error made when paleontologists accidentally put two sides of different dinos together :slight_smile:

science geek alert!

I was going to lie and say I won the lottery, but I really did win money in the lottery! 2 numbers + megaball.

Really? Wow. Makes you wonder what else they could be wrong about.

Not so much, now. This was in about 1850, right? One of the really big named paleontologists of the time also put the head on the wrong end of a huge skeleton. It is on display in Philadelphia, I believe.

Strange…then I wonder why the school systems were still teaching about them like they were real in the 1980s.

Maybe because they really are real.

from Wikipedia, though I read the same info in a real book too,
“The finds — the largest dinosaur ever discovered at the time and nearly complete, lacking only a head, feet, and portions of the tail — were then prepared for what was to be the first ever mounted display of a sauropod skeleton, at Yale’s Peabody Museum of Natural History in 1905. The missing bones were created using known pieces from close relatives of Brontosaurus. Sauropod feet that were discovered at the same quarry were added, as well as a tail fashioned to appear as Marsh believed it should, as well as a composite model of what he felt the skull of this massive creature might look like. This was not a delicate Diplodocus-style skull (which would later turn out to be more accurate[8]), but was composed of “the biggest, thickest, strongest skull bones, lower jaws and tooth crowns from three different quarries”,[9] primarily those of Camarasaurus, the only other sauropod for which good skull material was known at the time. This method of reconstructing incomplete skeletons based on the more complete remains of related dinosaurs continues in museum mounts and life restorations to this day.”