Cybex 2010 Topaz Stroller



Hmm. Isn’t this what kids.woot is for…?

Required post about there being a kids woot.

There took care of it for you guys

Huh? This isn’t kids.woot…

What are these for?

Wrong site?

Should be on Kids.Woot, not :frowning: .

Incoming of kids/babies.woot comments!

Looks like I have to go knock up the wife.

Ugh, I hate when Kids.Woot comes out to play


so close to Rage Quitting…this could go on Kids.Woot no problem. Still, looks like a nice stroller.

Did they get this site confused with Kids.Woot? Hunh?

Will someone explain to me why this is not on kids woot? Is this for overgrown kids?

Aaarrrggghhh! Take this to kids.wootoff, not here! Where are my electronic gadgets and tools?

Also, will this work with my Mac?

Now there is a woot-off killer

I have one of these for a gift, wicked nice stroller.

Anyone know what the max size cooler this will hold?