Cycle Force Group 20" Unicycle-2 Choices

**Item: **Cycle Force Group 20" Unicycle-2 Choices
Price: $49.99
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Condition: New

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Oh man! I had a unicycle when I was young. That thing was so fun. I wasn’t very good at it but I still liked riding it.

only 1 speed? useless for commuting to work and crossing bridges to get to downtown

I have been a wooter for a very long time. I have a few leakfrogs, roomba, a screaming monkey or two.
This is by far the MOST unusual item I have ever seen for sale. I can honestly say that I have NEVER seen one for sale in my 45 years.

Since i weigh more than the official rating of 220 lbs, i am wondering what the real weight limit is…

Not the same unicycle but Darth Vader + kilt + unicycle = awesomeness


There’s lots of videos on learning to ride a unicycle.

I am not going to lie, I really want this one. My only concern is that I am 6’2 and with long legs. I can ride a 60cm bike frame and 26 inch wheel fine, but I have no idea how that converts to a unicycle specs. Also does this come with some type of device to hide in, because if my GF finds out I bought one I will get an earful.

“Is there even a Tour de France for unicycles?”

There was one, but it was a Tour de Nova Scotia: Ride the Lobster

And, yes, I am the life of every party.

can training wheels be attached to this unicycle? probably need it in the front, sides and rear.

I learned in a long hallway where I lightly touch the walls

You would want a 24" or better wheel

I have a hallway and a desire to balance. I used to ride wheelies on dirtbikes for a few feet but nothing like the wheelie kings. Yet, I can balance and tought my young son to not use training wheels by getting a balance bike. So…the cheap one is about 50 bucks how much will it depreciate before I sprain a joint? If I end up with a cast that would suck but Im confident and in for 1. Ill write the want ad before I buy…lightly used unicycle in near perfect condition. Tire has 95% tread left. NO BRAKES! $39.99 obo

I learned by grabbing onto my bike off to one side and gradually leaning on it less.

Sadly my knee is blown and none of my kids want to ride so my schwinn unicycle is now a wall decoration.

Free trip to your emergency room included with each purchase.

Really? A multi speed Unicycle? Really? How about one with a second wheel?

If you buy one of these, please don’t ride it around in public. Don’t be THAT guy.

I learned to ride one in med school, and it set my career on an incredible career trajectory. One of my best purchases ever.

I learned to ride on a Schwinn unicycle. Can I buy yours ?