Cycle Force Group 20" Unicycle

**Item: **Cycle Force Group 20" Unicycle
Price: $59.99
Shipping Options: $5 Standard
Condition: New

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I don’t know what surprises me more. Woot is selling this or that apparently people need a unicycle.

Yay, a Unicyle…

Stares blankly…

I was just out walking my dog on Saturday and a guy on a unicycle rode past us. So at least one random guy in Seattle has some need for a unicycle. :slight_smile: I’d try riding one if given the opportunity. It would probably end with a trip to the ER, but I’d still try it!

I must be getting old! I remember when 59 bucks bought you a bike with two wheels, two fenders with a light on the front fender and a carrier on the back, a chain with a sprocket and a handle bar with a bell on it. I’m going to sleep!

What makes this comment creepy is the only wooters to buy this live in Washington…

I can honestly say, I didn’t order the unicycle. You might be on to something… It MUST be the guy I saw the other day!