Cycle of Life: A Ride for Water

I have posted on here before it was on the main page! I have jumped through time!

Best derby winner in months, from the best set of derby winners in months.

That was a nice surprise.

Yea, I definitely read that as “circle of life” and proceeded to start singing music from the Lion King in my head.

you there, boy on the street, what day is it?!?!

Seriously, fantastic shirt. So glad this printed. So much whimsy and scope and playing with distance!

I guess that’s where the old droplet mascots of Wet ‘n’ Wild went when they actually wanted to have some fun.

Hooray for Robbie!!! This was a great idea and very unique take on the derby. Way to go, sir!

I’d say I’d enjoy being one of those rain droplets, but I fear the woot staff will call me a drip. XD

I saw this and thought it looked stoner-ish. Then I read the first line of the writeup - “Last night I found a brand new joint” - and laughed. However, the writeup did not go where I thought it was going to from that point.

Can I ride, please? Although I’m not sure how the changing of states would go…

The circle of rain! It’s just the trip back to the end of the line that takes forever. =/

It sure has been a while since my favorite shirt in a derby made it to the top 3.

Here’s another 10-dollar bill, woot.

Do I spot a rouge raindrop making a run for it? I think I do.

…but don’t we eat the antelope?

It’s the little details that make this design so awesome.

That kid droplette running away from his parent drops? Yeah, that pretty much sums it up as to why this design is so great.

Congrats on the print Robbie!

I’m so pleased for you Robbie that I’m starting to mist up. If someone copied your idea would you demand condensation?

A most satisfying end, to a most disappointing derby theme.3 great prints, imo.

How do the little drops get back into line from the precipitation stage? It looks like the “cycle” ends in the ground, it’s bothering me.

This one is really cute.

For some reason though I automatically feel like the Ferris wheel is turning counterclockwise when viewed from where we “stand”, which is of course opposite the way it needs to rotate for the shirt to make sense.

Still, every time I see it I think “But the Ferris wheel is going the wrong way…” despite no indication of movement and the implications of the water cycle theme. Why? I think my brain is broken.

lol any one else see the blatent rip from Magic School Bus’s episode on water? (Or am I going crazy? :slight_smile: