Cycle of Life: A Ride for Water

Awesome awesome awesome! Thanks for the kind words and votes, everyone.

Why is the one holding the balloon so sad? Balloons make me happy unless I accidentally let go and it flew away.

Yah know if rglee129 had done all the diagrams of how things work for science class… I might have actually passed Science for once.

Excellent job!

This is such an amazing shirt and it makes me so happy to look at. I have to sleep on whether to get one or not… Normally I only buy randoms, very few make me take the plunge on a whole 10 dollar shirt.

I love how the droplets each have their own facial expression! Great concept,great execution. Congrats on the print.

Very happy to see this print!

I think it’s hilarious that when you look at the geographic breakdown of purchases, the highest areas are deserts in the mid-west. haha!

Imagining myself in a boat on that river, then I looked at a calender - Mayday, Mayday. The boat sunk, I’m in the water all alone & a ball hit me in the head. What the ? Oh , it was Boots on the shore practicing her game.

I’m glad to see that these are nice clean rain drops…none look green from the ride, so must not be acid rain.

how can anyone be sad while holding a balloon?!?

glad this printed!

Nice… I didn’t get around to commenting on this, but thought it was an extremely creative design. Congrats Rglee!

also, they are the few that are up at this hour -_- wooo! 2 am! falls asleep

Can I just say that this derby has good timing? Apparently it’s the 160th anniversary of the first World’s Fair. Google told me.


And the little guys in this shirt remind me of the Wet Willy mascot from World Industries from when I was a kid.

dude this is sick! nice design man nice design!

One of the water droplets looks like he dripped down the hill on the left. I guess it beats walking.

It might be silly, but I’ve been collecting the best Tee-Shirt images from here, and someday I’m going to get a BIG Digital Photoframe and have it just cycle through these Tee-Shirt images all day long.

You guys got the best images! You should make a picture-a-day calender someday!

Congrats Robbie this is an awesome win! been keeping my fingers crossed for this one!

YAY! Congrats Robbie! incredible idea, and well deserved print!