Cycles Gladiator Banned in Bama Cuvee

Cycles Gladiator Banned in Bama Cuvee
$49.99 + $5 shipping
PRODUCT: 4 2010 Cycles Gladiator Cuvee
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OK, here we go/

This is a good QPR, and I like the label so much, that it’s one of the few bottles I’ve saved. This was actually one of the wines that got me into really appreciating wine. Nice to see an old friend. :slight_smile:

I have this in the grocery store for a similar price

Any recommendations on detergents when I accidentally spill this on my shirt?

Of course, still effectively banned in Alabama. SAVE THE GRAPES!

Super excited for this to arrive at my home. Very eager to taste the various notes in this red.

Maybe it’s a bad idea to Woot while you’re drunk. Oops, just ordered this.

What grocery store is that? I probably would love to shop there. Of course the fact that NY doesn’t allow grocery stores to sell wine at any price enhances its appeal!

They sell it direct from the winery for $18/bottle, so it’s strange to hear the claim of grocery store sales that undercut the winery on a daily basis…perhaps it’s a different varietal/vintage?

I wish NY would let wine sales in their grocery stores. My local Shoprite has a liquor store attached next door. Their wines are very reasonable and most times will absolutely beat the winery. I have found buying wine directly from the winery is the most expensive way to by wine. When you leave NY you will find many supermarkets with wine and beer sales.

They are trying again to get it passed. Lets hope it works.

The only thing that keeps the liquor stores in business around here is their wine sales. Move them to the supermarket and you will be driving a lot further if you happen to need spirits.

It really doesn’t surprise me that the mighty state of Alabama banned this. This state has some of the most questionable and ridiculous laws. I miss living in Georgia :0(

Interesting blend of grapes: 47% Cab, 26% Grenache, 22% PS, 2% Malbec, 1% CF, 1% Zin, 1% Pinot Noir

What was the goal behind blending the Malbec, etc to the Cab/Grenache/PS? Were they just left over and thrown in to keep waste down? I would think that little amount blended would have minimal/no impact.


I think it’s treasure island in chicago. I just know i’ve seen it at the grocery for maybe 15 a bottle. It could easily be a different varietal/vintage. I just recognize the label.

I know that their Pinot Noir is/was available in grocery stores in NH for about $15. I think I’ve seen other varieties available, as well, but I’m not positive.

If you check wine searcher you’ll find out that lots of places carry this label for around $10 a bottle, but none of them have this particular wine. It has a low case production and there wouldn’t be enough to go around to support distribution.

This seems like its a kitchen sink type wine. Which are sometimes terrible but other times in the hands of a truly skilled winemaker they can be great. I think of Ty’s Racchus red as example of a great kitchen sink wine.

Had this at a “Brooklyn Uncorked” event last year, very good stuff. In for one. Highly recommended as an all-around “good with munchies of all sorts/bbq/your experiments in pasta” wine.