Cycles Gladiator Mixed Case Red (12)

Cycles Gladiator Mixed Case Red
$99.99 (Normally $166.00) 40% off List Price
2010 Syrah
2010 Merlot
2011 Pinot Noir

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I ordered cases of this when deliveries were still being made to VA. They were all TERRIBLE. If you like gummy wine? buy this. I’m still not sure if my cases rotted in the fedx holding barn or not…but what I do know is that I’ve given away all of the bottles. Sad but true.

These are most likely different wines. The last mixed case was a zin, cab and petite sirah. This offer is Syrah, merlot, and PN.

That said the previous mixed case got mixed reviews. I found the cab and PS to be good at the $8 price point but found the zin. To be undrinkable. And I typically like zin.

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very sorry to hear that. the last case offer was one of the best sellers ever on woot. Hahn has been a trusted source for years now. i’ll bet we get more input. you may have actually gotten a bad set (exposed) i hope you will contact if you come to this conclusion.


How Good is this Deal?

Only 19% for one Woot, since if you buy 12+ bottles, you get two day shipping for free and a 10% discount on the wines (normally $12) on the winery’s website (not sure if seasonal for just for this weekend).

I’ve always liked everything by the Cycles line; money is tight but as the holidays are coming up thinking of one…

We liked them all, considering the price. We liked the Cab and the PS better than the Zin.

I would love to buy this again, but still no Virginia shipping.

I have had to resort to purchasing retail.

Will Woot ever ship to Virginia again?

I ordered this the last time it came it up a few weeks ago and I am in Virginia. How did I get it last time? Why is it on the list that I can’t get it this time?

Go to this thread. Do not pass GO. Do not collect $200.

I really like the cab, and the syrah is drinkable, but I don’t like anything else. I’m not a fan of merlots, zins, or anything else really. I do love the cab, but I’d want a case of just the cab.


WD’s right: you probably got a cooked set. You may also have just tried them too early after shipping. I know my wife and I got these and the first one we opened (a Zin) was in total bottle shock. We gave it another couple of weeks and it tasted completely different.

I agree with the other poster: the Cab and the PS were the highlights. In fact, I found the PS to be an absolutely dynamite win for the price.

As for this offering, I have no experience with these wines, but have found the other Cycles Gladiator wines to be a great value at ~$8/bottle.

I didn’t like either the Cab or the Zin, but I did like the PS. But I have not heard about how a shipment gets “cooked.” Please explain.

I would not buy more wine from this producer.

When wine is shipped, if a box gets left in a high-heat area, it’ll “cook” the wine. The wine will have dull (or worse) flavors and aromas. I have also heard that the wine will turn a sort of brownish color. Others may have more information about that–I have never had it happen to me personally (but I’m still relatively new to the wine shipping game).

Just had the Petite Syrah from last offer this weekend and liked it. Also, had the Cab and liked that one too. I’m in for the new offer with the new varities, especially at this bargain price.

In my opinion these wines are not overwhelming but are well worth $8 and change. Nothing I can buy locally in this price range is nearly as good and these are delivered to my door. In for one.

Got the Cycles mixed case last time. Would not buy again.

I’ve never seen such teeth staining wine. That is what bothers me the absolute most about it. Our mouths are purple by the end of one glass. No thank you.

ETA: Looks like the teeth staining could be a result of adding Mega Purple to wine, however I don’t know if Cycles Gladiator uses that additive.

Would the winery be willing to offer this price direct from the winery to the Virginia residents?

This happens with a lot of wine, especially Petite Sirah, if that was one you tried. We get that a lot with varying wines, including a very nice cab we just had from Peter Wellington, whom I know does NOT use mega purple.