Cyclops Laser Tag Car with Spy Cam and LCD Remote


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This thing looks pretty sweet but it is a little expensive for a toy…

Ok!! We have WAITED long enough… Give us our BOC’s PLEASE!




Oy, this one again. Have a great weekend, everybody.


How many times has this been put up? Seems like a lot.


Oh not this thing again… Cheaper though…


isn’t it about time for another BOC?


I bought two @ $89 during the Woot-off which was cheaper than the time before. These things have been a lot of fun. Have to get two to understand. Just picked up another two. These will not last @ $69. I love these cars!. As you shoot each other, which is hilarious, you can switch your remote to the other drivers freq. or just the camera to see where they are hiding. Range is pretty good outdoors, 200 ft distance, good in office, short in the house (1800 sq feet is about the max with walls and other crap). They also cannot climb back up the stairs after you drive off them like Bond. Mine already have baseboard white fenders :shock:

Had to add because some are posting and I can tell they are FOS and did not buy these. They have two gears, a fast and slow which you can change on the cars (not rockets but fast is too fast indoors), porportional steering (but it’s a stick, not a wheel), can adjust the steering for drift, antenna on the remote has to be extended (duh…) or video will suck. Of course these have range people. Like any RC, go out of range, and video isn’t the only thing that will not work (again DUH…) and although the mic/earphones work, why would you use them? It’s a toy that you run around with disabling another car. Believe me, you could care less about hooking it up to your tv or using the earphones.


WOOTYBIRTHDAYTOME™ - That’s right, it’s my birthday tomorrow so if you want to buy

me tonight’s woot, I wouldn’t object, or if WOOT themselves wanted to send me one… hehe :wink:

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Cyclops Laser Tag Car with Spy Cam and LCD Remote
In Her Majesty’s Toy Collection
$69.99 + $5 Shipping and Handling

As an updraft of intense heat singed his eyebrows, Agent Simon Woot knew he had very little time to work his way out of this one. Suspended over the molten iron by a thin chain, his hands bound behind his back, he stared into the cackling face of Professor Megalox. “Enjoy your warm bath, Agent Woot,” the fiend spat. “I trust you’ll find it helps you rest in peace!”

Then Simon remembered the remote control device stuffed down the back of his trousers. If only he could work it free…he had to buy some time. “This brute force isn’t like you, Professor. I’d have thought you’d prefer to match wits.”

In spite of himself, the Professor’s eyebrow raised at this challenge. “A game? Very well, Agent Woot. Tell me how many fingers I’m holding up behind my back and you go free. Guess wrong…and die.” Remote control in hand now, Simon carefully manipulated its controls with his thumb, then held it just to the side of his hip, where Megalox couldn’t see it. Glancing at the LCD screen on the handheld device, Simon let a smile play briefly on his lips.

“Two. And one thumb.”

Megalox screamed in befuddled rage. “Impossible! I thought for sure the thumb would thwart you.” Then he saw the small red and black car that had appeared seemingly from nowhere at his back. “Well played, Agent Woot. I am a villain of my word.”

After Simon was released and MI-5 agents were taking the maniacal but sportsmanlike Megalox away, the agent put the remote control in his enemy’s shackled hands. “A consolation prize,” he told Megalox. “The Cyclops comes equipped with a wireless video camera and microphone, plus audio/video outputs so you can watch on the TV in your cell. And if a fellow inmate happens to have another, you can pit your cars against each other in an infrared laser-tag death match. Two different 27 MHz channels ensure that your R/C signals won’t get crossed,” the dashing superspy helpfully explained.

“I certainly won’t be needing it anymore. And you’ll have plenty of time to kill where you’re going.”

Condition: New, Retail
1:14 Scale
High Resolution wireless C-MOS video camera 2.4 GHz
1.8 inch TFT color LCD display (30 frames per sec.)
Miniature Wireless microphone
Infrared laser tag
Built-in crosshair scope
RCA Video and audio out to TV/camcorder
Ultra-bright headlights
High/low speed selector
Brightness and volume adjustments
Dual channels for two players
Safety wrist strap for controller
Remote laser and headlight triggers
RC frequency = 27 Mhz
Headphone and DC power jacks
What’s included:
Cyclops R/C Spy Car
1 LCD Controller and antenna
1 9.6V NiCD Rechargeable battery
1 120V AC battery charger
1 Optional AA battery tray for car
1 earphone




Lame, lame, lame! Too many crappy cars.




ohhh… the price is going down!! These used to be $100. I kinda want one but it’s still too expensive for me. :?


hope it last until morning, I want one !!!


I begged the Mrs. to let me get the theater system last night. Then she remembered that the landlord would toss me out on my rear if I mounted speakers on his beloved walls.

This car I won’t even ask her about. I don’t even want it. In fact, judging from last time(s), no one really wants it. <–Last day of Generic Brand Week.


1st page?!?!

Too rich for my blood tonight. Knock it down about $40 & THEN we’ll talk! :wink:


I’ll buy you a drink if you live in the SF bay and over 21. Happy birthday eh!


Got One!


Ughh wtf is that thing!!! Next friday I smell a BOC! This will be a pretty good BOC if we get one. I can p00n so many n00bs now!


oh no, the car that brought the last woot-off to a screeching halt