Cypress Grove Cheese Sampler

Cypress Grove Cheese Sampler
$22.99 + $5 shipping
Condition: Cheesey
1 One lb. Bermuda Triangle
1 4 oz. Purple Haze

What? No Wine Wednesday?

Cheese’ll do, pig. Cheese’ll do.

…and yes, this can be shipped to all states and is not subject to the ‘normal’ wine.woot rules (i.e. you can be drunk when this arrives).

Product Website

Bermuda Triangle is $20 on the site.
Purple Haze is $5.75 on the site.
$25.75 plus $30 shipping!

Bermuda Triangle and Purple Haze, very interesting names.

Both are sweet, delicious, goat cheese.

If I wasn’t not spending money (woo double negative), I’d probably grab these.

Here are the tasting notes:

Bermuda Triangle:
Handmade with the chef in mind, Bermuda Triangle®, sliced thinly with a wire, creates the distinctive presentation needed by today’s food professionals. Soft ripened and double-rinded with ash and surface ripening, the flavor is earthy yet mild; the texture becomes creamier with age.

Purple Haze:
Fresh goat cheese in a three inch round chevre disk. The perfect mixture of lavender and fennel pollen gives this cheese a sweet flavor that plays off the acidity in the cheese for a delightful complement.

sorry to be a total jerk–but holy typos in the product description, batman! in addition to a reference to “place” that should be “placed” and a “paring” that should be “pairing,” there’s pasturized, Virgina, definately, and intollerance.

i’m sure the cheese is delicious, but maybe wine.woot should be spending some cheddar on its spellchecker… >=b

Alright, I have to say, I’m a big fan of cypress grove’s cheeses. Their Humbolt Fog is my personal favorite but Purple Haze is a close second…and I’m willing to bite the bullet on a full pound of Bermuda Triangle based on their reputation alone.

In for one.

The last time Woot sold Cypress Grove Cheese they weren’t kosher and probably aren’t this time either. Cheese is one of the items that needs to be purposly made kosher and companies that make kosher cheese usually don’t make that fact hard to find out.

well done, wooterators–all that’s left is the “pasturized” (second line of second paragraph). thanks for the amusement. <=]

Ok, what’s “organic Vegetable ash”? Cremated vegetables?

good night, and happy snacking to all…

Fixed - and thanks for pointing those out. The writer phoned this one in (in the literal sense - he did the write-up on his iphone. If you’ve ever tried to type more than a few lines on that tiny keyboard you probably understand)

Cheese comes in a can? :^O

Cypress Grove is one of my favorites, I always include it in cheese boards when I entertain guests or get together with friends and want to bring wine/cheese/bread. Their Humboldt Fog is phenomenal as well. Artisan cheeses do for me what fine wines do, its a gift for your palate. These are great cheeses for those who don’t want to venture too far out into funky town but want to try something beyond the more popular chevres that you’ll find at most grocery stores.

Cheese Woot! I had the Purple Hase when it was on woot a few months back. Its very creamy and tasty.

Actually some GOOD cheese does come in a can…

i totally understand that–the majority of my colleagues send their email messages through iphones, and it is quite entertaining to get notes from corporate execs in their 50s who use text-speak like those closer to 15!

my nerdy little noggin will rest much more peacefully with the corrections; thanks for humoring me…

Quick noob question… is the rind edible on the Bermuda Triangle or do you have to trim it up before it’s served?

Words cannot describe how much I love Cougar Gold. I’ve got a cousin going to WSU, and every time she comes home, she takes cheese orders ahead of time… :smiley:

The cheese from Washing State University was pretty damn good from what I remember although its been years since I’ve had it.