Cypress Grove Lamb Chopper Cheese

Cypress Grove Lamb Chopper Cheese, 2Lb Wedge
$29.99 $62.00 52% off List Price

As long as it’s not refurbished :slight_smile: or Used - Acceptable, In for one :slight_smile:

This is a good deal on a delicious cheese. I live a few miles from Cypress grove and can’t get it this cheap.

This is hands down the easiest wine.woot purchase I’ve ever made. This is my favorite cheese, and it is normally twice the price where I live - when I can find it. In for 2!

This, along with its goat cheese sister Midnight Moon (same creamery), is one of my favorite cheeses ever!

I just saw this yesterday at my local Costco. Not sure of the price but I’m sure it’s quite competitive. I’d check it out at Costco if you’re interested before buying 2 lbs here and having to ship it.

I literally just bought some of this at Costco. Threw away the price tag already, but I paid about $12 for the sizeable wedge I got. It may be $15/lb at Costco, but it’s definitely not more than that.

PS - pretty delicious cheese though. Any purchasers won’t be disappointed. It’s a little milder than I was hoping - I like a sheep cheese with a little funk to it.

No most of it is new. This is such a good deal that it’s baaaaaaad.

It is very, very close to Costco in pricing but by the time you drove there to check out pricing, you would be better off Wooting it. Home delivery is hard to beat.

So glad to have Cypress Grove back on wine.woot!

stellar reputation and amazing cheese.


Will this be shipped with ice packs and/or expedited delivery? Thx…

yes, these will ship at least 2 day and with cool packs.

I miss having a Costco nearby. I’m in.

Have missed them.
Not tried this, ~yet~, but will upon arrival.
You NorCal peeps that can pick this up local don’t know how good you have it.